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Building on Emotional Intelligence, Compassion, and Focus

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What We Believe

The old command and control model of leadership is not going to cut it in today’s world. Instead of an MBA, today’s leader might be better served by getting a master’s in psychology degree. Work needs to be done with and through the individuals on the team; every individual comes in with their own desires, goals, and needs to be successful. The ability to balance those individual needs with the team and organizational goals is a requirement for every leader. 

Here’s the good news, leadership skills can be learned. They’re not bestowed on a lucky few, with the rest destined to be ineffective managers. But they won’t be learned from a one-time dry lecture. That’s putting a bandaid on the situation.

Learning is done best with engagement, reflection, sharing of best practices, in a cohort, with a bit of experimentation. There isn’t a singular model for what a great leader looks like. Our mission at Luminant Leadership is to bring out the best in each leader and give them the opportunity to flex their leadership style to meet the needs of their team and situation. 

Our Big Idea

“A leader’s primary role is to build strong relationships through effective conversations”

This isn’t about popularity or networking, effective conversations are the cornerstone of everything a leader is expected to do. Building psychological safety, setting agreements, co-creating goals, delegating, setting the vision, coaching, providing feedback, and influencing change it’s all done through conversations. 

When you ask better questions, listen more fully, engage both the head and the heart, and show up vulnerably as a leader, the conversations change for the better. This is a practice that not only positively impacts the organization, it positively changes the leader in all areas of their life. 

    What We Offer

    Strategic Development Consultation

    A strategic partner may be exactly what you need to help you define and execute your large-scale organizational transformation.

    Our consultation services can help you:

    • Identify the greatest need in your organization to affect positive change.
    • Plan for and execute large-scale rollout of learning and development across the organization. 
    • Strategize the next cultural evolution of your organization. 

    Cohort Leadership Development

    Leadership development programs take the participant through a learning experience over time with a set of peers. Programs provide intervals of workshops and small group coaching. Each session provides directed behavioral change through experimentation and reflection. 

    Programs Include:

    • The Enlightened Leader
    • The Persuasive Leader
    • The Coaching Leader

    Targeted Workshops

    Highly energized & engaging workshops tailored to your specific needs for individual contributors through the C-Suite. Available both online and in-person with facilitators available globally. We’re able to deliver a wide range of topics that will leave participants with actionable learning and a desire for more.

    Here’s a sampling of tailored workshops delivered for past clients:

    • Agree to Agreements
    • Appreciative Inquiry for Leaders
    • Building Confidence
    • Creating a Coaching Culture
    • Deep Listening
    • Facilitation Mastery
    • Feedback with a Purpose
    • Finding the Gold in Change

    • Mission Driven Teams
    • Presence through Improv
    • Resilience in Rejection
    • Presentations That Don’t Suck
    • Focused Essentialism
    • Harness Your Habits
    • Influence through Story
    • Mindset Matters

    1:1 or Group Coaching for Executives and Leaders 

    We collaborate with our clients in a creative and thought-provoking approach that motivates them to reach their full potential on both a personal and professional level. 

    Our ICF Accredited Coaches will help your leaders:

    • Create clarity around their vision of themselves as leaders personally and professionally.
    • Create actionable goals to move them in the direction of their vision.
    • Identify and remove the tangible and mental roadblocks to achieve their goals.

    Founder and CEO of Luminant Leadership, Deanna Moffitt

    is an energetic, thought-provoking force on any stage. From intimate engagements that feel more like conversations to convention-size audiences of 4,000 plus she has an ability to speak to both the mind and soul of audience members. 

    Keynote Speaking

    Wow, Deanna was beyond incredible today!!!! Our team members were truly blown away, and our facilitators were frantically taking notes on how to emulate Deanna’s skill.

    ~Nikki Maldonado


    Deanna has a gift for bringing her own personal experience to the content for participants and she brings it to life!  She is approachable, inviting, and keeps it ‘real world’.  I would highly recommend her to work with any audience, at any level, to apply key concepts from Organizational Theory to actual application.

    ~ Kerry Zampa

    Director, People Development, Talent Development HR, ServiceNow

    Deanna delivered an inspiring keynote to our group at the TXA Spring Invitational in Phoenix.  She encouraged us to re-examine our own experiences and to re-write the stories we tell ourselves.   It was an uplifting, thought-provoking session that caused us to reflect on and share our experiences with one another.   Deanna was engaging and captivated our attention from start to finish!

    ~ Nancy Stabile

    Sr. Professional, Marketing, Ingram Micro Canada