The Enlightened Leader


Enlightened Leader

Leaders of teams are asked to get work done through others and the best way to do that is by building psychologically safe environments with a foundation of trust. The enlightened leader is our flagship program focusing on the eight core conversations that all leaders must have so that they can influence success for the individual, team and organization. 

Perfect for organizations that want to elevate their leaders ability to:

Provide consistent impactful feedback that improves performance

Create trust throughout their team and flex their communication style to meet different needs.

Facilitate 1:1 and team conversations that create belonging and buy in toward business objectives.

Who is this for:

Leaders of people throughout the organization




One 2 hour module every three weeks. With three small group coaching sessions included for each member.

Cohort Size:


Intentional practice is at the heart of learning.

~ Deanna Moffitt



Each co-hort will create their own norms and agreements with regards to how they will work together; modeling from the outset psychological safety and building trust. Each module is divided between learning, sharing, coaching and experimentation so that each member feels comfortable practicing the focused on conversation after each module.

Session 1

YOU the Leader

We focus on defining success as a leader in your organization. What your leadership values, and strengths and what you want to be known for and how to deliver that consistently.

Session 2

Setting Agreements

Learn why expectations often fails us and how to set agreements and what to do when they’re broken.

Session 3

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Understand what makes feedback stick and how you can both give and receive it effectively.

Session 4

Setting Great Goals

Learn the importance of co-creating goals that matter not only for the business but the person.

Session 5

Coaching for Performance

Understand how the skill of coaching sets you apart from other leaders and how to do it effectively.

Session 6

Delegation Champion

Learn what, why and how to delegate effectively to increase not only your effectiveness but that of your team.

Session 7

The Influential Leader

Learn how to influence one on one, in known groups and how to stand out to create a positive perception.

Session 8

Difficult Conversations

Learn how to elevate your emotional intelligence to stay present in difficult conversations.

Session 9


This final session allows all participants to reflect back on how far they’ve come, their growth throughout the program and the specific changes they made.

The Outcome

Participants have built a network of fellow leaders within the organization.

Increased willingness of co-hort members to experiment and try new leadership behaviors. 

Team members of Enlightened Leaders report higher satisfaction and engagement.

Elevated understanding of leadership behaviors that get desired results.